STRANNIK™ Russian Imperial Stout

black strannik beer can on pebble floor

Imperial stout is descended from the strongest, "stoutest" porter brewed in Britain in the 18th century, which found favour with the Tsar of Russia in St. Petersburg, where it was believed to have earned its "imperial" title. Our take is a beer of simple means in search of enlightenment – just like a pilgrim ("strannik" in Russian). The espresso roast and chocolate character are provided by four classic roasted malts, which is complemented by a rounded bitterness and floral, spicy notes from British hops. The body is medium-full, and the finish is medium-dry with hints of dried berries and slight alcohol warmth. Savour fresh or cellared.

9.00% ABV 90.00 EBC 50.00 IBU 1.090 OG


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