Creative variants of our core and seasonal beers.

  • beer can with flame background


    The doubly beefed up version of our Citra-bomb Heathen IPA, Double Heathen DIPA is as the name suggests, dry hopped with a unholy amount of Citra as well as Mosaic hops. The result? A double IPA so scrumptiously juicy and perfumed with a bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits that one sip will transport you to another dimension of hoppy paradise. Yet for its hefty 10% strength, the fluffy mouthfeel makes it drink remarkably easy. You have been warned.

    ABV: 10.0% ABV 15.00 EBC IBU: 30 IBU OG: 1.09 OG
  • mango lassi beer can


    We always thought that our ever so popular Heathen Citra IPA tastes just like mangoes. And then we thought... why don't we put actual mangoes in it? So here it is, a twisted rendition of Heathen, infused with mangoes and lactose for a mellow fruit IPA as luscious as your favourite creamy smoothie.

    ABV: 7.2% ABV 11.00 EBC IBU: 25 IBU OG: 1.08 OG
  • BLACK FOREST STRANNIK™ Russian Imperial Stout

    We took our deeply roasted signature Russian imperial stout Strannik and softened it to highlight its chocolaty side. Taking inspiration from the classic German cake Black Forest gateau, we loaded it with cacao, sweet morrello cherries, and vanilla pods for a rich and fragrant 10% imperial stout. Perfect for a warming dessert before bed.

    ABV: 10.0% ABV 90.00 EBC IBU: 30 IBU OG: 1.11 OG
  • festive star beer cans

    FESTIVE STAR™ Christmas Mocha Porter

    For our celebration of the Christmas holiday spirit, we took our smooth drinking and robustly flavoured Northern Star mocha porter and jazzed it up with classic warm winter spices, namely cinnamon and nutmeg. Festive Star is basically the equivalent of mulled wine in beer form, only brewed with roasted barley and coffee beans. So sit back, cosy up with your loved ones and crack a few open to make your merriest memories of the year.

    ABV: 5.9% ABV 80.00 EBC IBU: 25 IBU OG: 1.07 OG