The essentials in the Northern Monk range.

  • Eternal Session IPA - blue beer can on bed of hops

    ETERNAL™ Session IPA

    Our flagship beer is a World Beer Cup award-winning session IPA that's low in ABV but high in hops. Appropriately named Eternal, this feather-bodied flavour bomb is fit to uplift your body and soul any time of day, any season of year.

    True to style, the recipe was envisioned to offer the hit of a generously hopped IPA, but with the sessionability of a classic English pale ale. Simcoe and Centennial hops dominate this light blonde beer with a swathe of tangerine aroma and a sublimely quenching citrus pith aftertaste that lingers on and on and on... eternally.

    ABV: 4.1% ABV 11.00 EBC IBU: 45 IBU OG: 1.05 OG
  • New World beer can surrounded by hops

    NEW WORLD™ India Pale Ale

    New World IPA is our brave and bold evolution to the India Pale Ale, over three centuries since the now universally beloved style was first pioneered in London. Taking inspiration from vibrant "new world" hops but from the vantage point of the style's Saxon origin, our signature IPA features a combined profile of five hop varietals from the U.S., Australia and Britain. This modern English IPA drinks with a subtle sweetness from British pale malts which is balanced by a sturdy presence of hops bitterness that's shrouded in juicy notes of tropical fruits and grapefruit, thanks to our generous late copper and dry hop additions.

    ABV: 6.2% ABV 14.00 EBC IBU: 60 IBU OG: 1.06 OG
  • NORTHERN STAR™ Mocha Porter

    Our Northern Star Mocha Porter takes the timeless combination of coffee and dark malt flavours to a whole new level. Brewed in collaboration with Leeds' local master coffee roasters North Star, we blend their specialty ground coffee beans into the brew, providing a Yin-Yang harmony between roast bitterness and dulcet hints of hazelnut. On top of this, we add in dark chocolate for a rounded richness and natural milk sugar for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. The result? A robust yet delicate cold brew that you'd crave from the moment you wake up.

    ABV: 5.9% ABV 80.00 EBC IBU: 25 IBU OG: 1.07 OG
  • bombay dazzler beer tiger label

    BOMBAY DAZZLER™ Indian Witbier

    Our take on the classic Belgian witbier riffs on the style's characteristic spice profile and takes it all the way back to the motherland of spices. The original recipe for Bombay Dazzler was developed as the world's first Anglo-Indian craft brewing collaboration between Northern Monk Brew Co. and Mumbai's Gateway Brewing Co. We continued refining the recipe with Bundobust to pair seamlessly with their renowned Indian vegan street food. As Bundobust grows their empire, we stepped up the game with Bombay Dazzler and brought it to the Core range where it belongs. As you gaze upon the dazzling label art by our Patron Drew Millward, focus your senses and savour the harmonious algorithm of ginger, cardamom and coriander with your favourite curry.

    ABV: 4.8% ABV 6.00 EBC IBU: 12 IBU OG: 1.05 OG
  • A glass of True North™

    TRUE NORTH™ Pale Ale

    True North is our ode to our northern roots. While we often brew avant-garde beers without boundaries, the profound love and longing for that perfect pint of cask-conditioned traditional British pale ale is bred into our blood and bones. Our modern take on this national heritage style aims to achieve a crisp bitterness layered over a full, golden body provided by classic British malts. The finishing touches are provided by a blend of British and American hop varieties which lend a refreshing pine and orange character.

    Available in casks only.

    ABV: 3.7% ABV 11.00 EBC IBU: 35 IBU OG: 1.04 OG