An annual series paying homage to the three pillars of beer: Hops, Malt, and Yeast.

  • MMXVI: HOPS India Pale Ale

    The theme for Trilogy MMXVI is to celebrate each of the three ingredients in its purest form. Brewed in collaboration with legendary hop whisperers Epic Brewing from New Zealand, this year's rendition of Hops is a harmonious synthesis of all the favourite hop varietals of our head brewer Brian Dickson and Epic's head honcho Luke Holland. Liberally packed with a balanced profile of Citra, Columbus, and Mosaic hops, their flavour notes are showcased to the Nth degree by minimising the malt character as well as utilising yeast strains that best accentuate the hops' delicate nuances. It's our idea of the quintessential IPA.

    ABV: 9.0% ABV 13.00 EBC IBU: 40 IBU OG: 1.08 OG
  • malt beer can on bed of roasted malt

    MMXVI: MALT Imperial Porter

    The theme for Trilogy MMXVI is to celebrate each of the three ingredients in its purest form. This year, our rendition of Malt was brewed in collaboration with notorious malt maestros De Molen from the Netherlands. The result is a no frills traditional imperial porter at 9% ABV. De Molen's contribution to the malt bill lends that signature ester notes that are unmistakable in their famed dark beers. This is followed by a lush sweetness that complements the richness while balancing the roastiness, which results from an emphasis on crystal malt, considerably more so than the typical porter in our repertoire.

    ABV: 9.0% ABV 110.00 EBC IBU: 30 IBU OG: 1.11 OG
  • beer can with bread background

    MMXVI: Yeast Tripel

    The theme for Trilogy MMXVI is to celebrate the three ingredients in their purest forms. Brewed in collaboration with the world-renowned Cigar City brewery from Florida, USA, this year's Trilogy Yeast is a full-on Belgian-style tripel. Expect all the complex spicy flavour and aroma notes that are timeless hallmarks of Trappist monasteries, for this pale Belgian strong ale drinks with the nuanced acrobatics of its temperamental yeast strains. The finish teases a twist of American hops bite for an extra layer for the yeast to dance with on your palate.

    ABV: 9.0% ABV 9.00 EBC IBU: 30 IBU OG: 1.08 OG