The Vault

Special one-off projects that broaden our horizons.

  • opeth stout beer bottle standing on taproom bar


    The year 2015 marked our most high profile collaboration yet with the highly acclaimed progressive metal band Opeth from Sweden. The only beer style that we deemed fitting for a band of such depth and calibre was a limited release imperial stout that was as heavy and complex as the progressive death metal material with which Opeth made a name for themselves. Brewed as a special gift to commemorate the band's 25th anniversary, you may age this one in the cellar for up to 25 years more.

    ABV: 9.2% ABV IBU: OG:
  • golden beer can brick wall red wax


    The second beer brewed in collaboration with legendary Swedish progressive metal band Opeth is our joint effort to brew the perfect gig beer as a refreshment for one of their intense live concerts. Named after Opeth's 11th studio album Pale Communion, Communion Pale Ale is a quaffable American Pale Ale at 5.1% ABV, yet robustly hopped with a blend of American as well as European varieties.

    ABV: 5.1% ABV 11.00 EBC IBU: 30 IBU OG: 1.05 OG
  • gin bottles on bed of hops and junipers

    INFIRMARIAN Black Hop Gin

    There are infinite possibilities with what you can craft with a beer.. but our thirst to experiment is not content with limiting ourselves to a single drink category. Introducing Northern Monk's first foray into the spirited world of distilling, we collaborated with Zymurgorium, brewers of the UK's best meads and distiller of Manchester Gin, to distill a gin that only a craft brewery could. Envisioned as a deconstruction of a black IPA in gin form, Infirmarian is a "black hop gin" laced with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic, where the hops character is accentuated by grapefruit and kissed by junipers and licorice. At The Refectory taproom, we mix our house gin and tonic with Infirmarian, elderflower tonic, mint, and a dash of lime. What's your take?

    ABV: 30.0% ABV IBU: OG:
  • WASTED Pear Farmhouse Ale

    Brewed in collaboration with The Real Junk Food Project, Wasted aimed to be the world's first zero-waste beer, utilising leftover croissants and pears in the mash. The leftover pulps from the brewing were donated as livestock feed.

    ABV: 6.7% ABV IBU: OG:
  • beer bottle white background

    XXXXX Special Reserve 2015 Old Ale

    In 2015, we curated a selection of the year's finest barrel aged beers and blended them together to celebrate the best of our brewing accomplishments by the end of the year. The result was a distinctively tart and complex dark ale with indulgent notes from various wood barrels.

    ABV: 8.5% ABV IBU: OG:
  • red label lust beer bottle


    The first sin in our Seven Deadly Sins series is Lust, one of the most prominent human conditions throughout historical and religious texts. This pure desire, while largely perceived as erotic and excessive, can also be expressed as a force for good and beauty given the right parameters, some argue. To symbolise Lust, this seductive saison was dressed in additions of strawberries, hibiscus and rose petal for a most sensual imbibing experience. But being a form of intoxication like drunkenness, a little lust goes a long way and should not be encouraged as a habit.

    ABV: 6.8% ABV IBU: OG: